Carports Brisbane Guide

The Ultimate Carport Guide for Homeowners

Carports Brisbane Guide

Are you looking to build or install a new carport on your property in Brisbane? Installing a high quality carport can help protect your vehicle from harsh weather conditions while also adding value to your home. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about carports in Brisbane, from costs and materials to finding the right reputable builder.

What is a Carport?

A carport is a roofed structure used to provide covered parking and protection for vehicles. Carports have structural beams and pillars supporting an angled roof. They are open on the sides allowing for airflow. The primary purpose of a carport is shielding cars, boats, trailers and other vehicles from sun, rain, hail and other elements.

Unlike garages, carports are not fully enclosed. The open walls allow for easy vehicle access. Their design focuses more on practicality over storage space. Carports are much cheaper to construct than garages while still protecting your assets. They make excellent additions to existing properties or new builds.

Why Brisbane Homeowners Love Carports

Carports are tremendously popular amongst homeowners in Queensland for several excellent reasons:


Building a full garage can cost anywhere from $30,000 to $50,000. Carports provide covered protection at a fraction of the price. Most installed carports fall between $3,000 – $10,000.


Their open design offers easy access allowing you to quickly get in and out of your vehicle. No need to open/close garage doors.


Carports can be placed on grass or concrete pads. Some also double as effective patio covers.

Weather Protection

Brisbane sees high humidity, heatwaves, storms and at times flooding. Protecting cars from these harsh elements helps maintain value.


Modern carports now feature sleek and stylish designs using high grade materials that enhance curb appeal.

Additional Space

Adding a carport creates covered vehicle space without major construction allowing you to use the garage for storage or conversion.

Key Differences Between Carports and Garages

While carports and garages both offer covered vehicle storage, there are some notable differences:

Garages Carports
Fully enclosed structure Open-sided roofed structure
Installed on concrete slab Can be installed on grass or concrete
Ideal for secure storage Focus is vehicle covering
Higher construction costs Less materials required, lower building costs
Permit often required Often no permit required
Garage doors need opening/closing Open access, drive straight in

The Benefits of Adding a Carport

Installing a carport provides a long list of advantages:

  • Protects vehicles from harsh weather damage including sun exposure, hail damage, bird droppings
  • Adds value and curb appeal to existing properties
  • Creates covered vehicle space without major construction
  • Allows garage to be used for storage or conversion into living space
  • Prevents buildup of snow and ice in winter
  • Provides convenient covered access straight from the driveway
  • Less complicated approval process than garages in most councils
  • Significantly cheaper to build than traditional garages

With the Brisbane climate, protecting your valuable cars, boats, trailers or other pricey vehicles is important. A quality carport pays for itself overtime in vehicle asset preservation and looks beautiful while doing it!

Carport Sizes – How Many Cars Can You Fit?

Carports come in a variety sizes and designs to hold different numbers of parked vehicles. When deciding which size is best, consider how many vehicles you need covered both now and in the future. The great thing about carports is they can usually be extended later on if needed.

Single Carports

As the name suggests, single carports provide covered parking for one standard sized vehicle like a car, truck, van or ute. The average dimensions of a single carport span 6 meters by 3 meters providing ample clearance. Ideal for homes with only 1 vehicle needing shelter.

Double Carports

Double carports cover two parked vehicles side-by-side under the roof structure. The typical width remains at 6 meters but depth extends out to 6 meters in length. This leaves plenty of room for 2 large vehicles to fit comfortably. Popular for households with multiple cars or those with longer trucks or vans needing an extra deep carport.

The Ultimate Carport Guide for Homeowners

Extra Wide Carports

For those needing covered parking exceeding the standard 6 meter width, extra wide carport options go up to 9 meters across. Allowing three vehicles to be parked beside each other. Ideal for families with multiple SUVs or homeowners who use wide trailers.

Custom Expandable Carports

As families grow or vehicle types change, expandable custom carports provide the ultimate flexibility. These designs use modular steel frames allowing carports to be physically extended outwards without replacing the existing structure. Sections can be added down the track to increase depth, width or overall size as needed. Expandable systems are more expensive initially but pay dividends through increased future-proofing and value.

Carport Building Materials

Carports are built using strong and durable materials for the structural framework topped by weather resistant roofing sheets. Common carport construction materials include:

Timber Beams

A natural material like Treated Pine can make very effective carport structural beams given timber’s weather and insect resistance. Treated pine is also a cost-effective choice for the underlying framework. Over time untreated timber will rot and degrade necessitating regular maintenance like re-staining.

Steel Framing

For roof support, galvanised steel offers unmatched strength and durability. Cold rolled C Section and structural Box Section steel beams ensure carports can handle substantial weight loads without issue. Maintenance is low thanks to steel’s resilience to the elements. No painting is needed plus steel poses no risk of future rot, splintering or termite infestation making it one of the longest lasting materials.

Aluminum Frames

Aluminum is valued for its ability to stand up to rust and lightweight might. In wet and coastal areas, it makes a great building metal given its skill to hold up against salty settings. The downside is aluminum’s lower impact strength making it more likely to dent from hail for one. It also costs more first off than wood or steel picks.

Colorbond & Zincalume Sheeting

Two of the most trusted carport roofing materials utilised across Australia are Colorbond and Zincalume steel sheeting products. Supplied locally, these sheets provide high quality Australian made weather protection. The anti-rust baked on coating technology resists heat absorption while providing durable protection from dents, damage and deterioration helping carport roofs maintain fresh looks for decades after installation. Both are available in wide varieties of color options to match home aesthetics.

Carport Roof Styles

An important consideration is selecting your preferred carport roof design. Roof style impacts overall functionality, weather protection, durability and aesthetics.

Gable Roof

The Gable Roof carport design has a triangular profile pointing to the highest elevation in the middle. This style offers good rainfall runoff given the sloped sides and also allows enough clearance for taller vehicles like campers and boats. However, gable roofs provide less protection from strong winds than other styles.

Hip Roof

A Hip Roof carport design slopes all 4 sides down to the edges providing unobstructed rainfall runoff and good protection from winds. The added materials required do increase costs making it one of the pricier options. For those facing extreme weather, the protection and stability make hip roofs an excellent choice.

Dutch Hip Roof

Combining Hip and Gable elements, Dutch Hip Roof carports provide great weather resistance through sloped sides and a small triangular gable sitting atop the roof’s central peak. The intricate framing does require a licensed builder to get right making Dutch Hip Roofs more difficult as a DIY proposition.

Skillion Roof

One of the most cost effective and modern carport roof designs is the simple Skillion Roof which consists of one angled roof plane starting from a high side wall and sloping downwards. While cheaper, skillion style does not facilitate rain runoff as well as multi-angled roofing.

Flat Roof

Some carports feature a Flat Roof with only a slight horizontal pitch for drainage. The minimal slope allows flat roofs to effectively support solar panels, roof storage solutions or even a rooftop entertaining area. Just be mindful that flat roofs perform poorly in regions with heavy snowfall.

DIY Carport Kits

For DIYers, installing carport kits is an easy affordable option. Kits come with all beams cut to size, roof sheets, hardware and easy to follow instructions guiding you through the building process.

While convenient, carport kits limit customisation flexibility. You also won’t get the same level of durability from a leading carport builder constructing onsite with high grade materials.

Custom Designed Carports

For ultimate functionality and design flexibility, custom carports reign supreme. This allows you to:

  • Select from wider range of sizes to suit available space
  • Choose custom features like skylights, doors, gates, ventilation
  • Pick preferred roof frame design
  • Select building materials that match your homes existing aesthetics
  • Incorporate built-in cabinetry, shelving and work benches

Working one-on-one with an experienced carport builder gives you the exact covered parking solution your property needs.

Council Approvals for New Carports

Council Approvals for New Carports

If your home is newly built, carports and garages will already be approved under existing development permits. However, adding a carport to an established property requires approval from your local council first.

Brisbane City Council Approvals

To gain approval for a new carport in Brisbane City Council areas, you generally need to:

  • Hire a building certifier for the necessary paperwork
  • Submit proposal with dimensions, materials and site maps
  • Allow 6-8 weeks approval timeframe
  • Arrange any required building inspections

Council will assess your application against zoning regulations and development codes for your suburb. Ensure you check guidelines for maximum site coverage, boundary clearances and height allowances in residential areas.

New Carport Building Costs

Carport installation prices depend on size, roof type and materials selected. On average carport building costs fall within:

Carport Type Average Cost
Single Carport $3,000 – $4,500
Double Carport $4,000 – $7,000
Multi-Car Carport $8,000 – $12,000
Custom Design $10,000 – $30,000


The cost variance for custom designed carports is far greater depending on aspects like:

  • Materials used (Colorbond, insulation, etc)
  • Included features (skylights, gates, cabinets, etc)
  • Roof frame design complexity
  • Overall size and number of vehicles covered
  • Site accessibility and preparation needed
  • Intended use (personal, commercial, industrial)

When investing in a custom carport, the initial spend may be higher but you gain superior functionality, weather resistance, aesthetic appeal and longevity.

How to Find a Good Brisbane Carport Builder

Installing a quality carport that will last starts with finding an experienced professional builder. Here are some tips:

  • Check Reviews – Online review ratings on Google and Facebook reveal real customer satisfaction levels. Look for consistent 5 star ratings.
  • Request Photos – Ask builders to provide examples of previous carport projects. Assess their design aesthetics and build quality.
  • Verify Licensing – Ensure any builder you hire has the appropriate Queensland building licenses and insurance.
  • Get Detailed Quotes – Have plans drawn up and get fixed price quotes for total transparency. Avoid estimated quotes.
  • Assess Response Time – Gauge initial responsiveness to calls and questions as an indicator of customer service.
  • Go Local – Consider carport builders located in Brisbane. They will have best knowledge meeting zoning and regulations.

Brisbane is a sprawling city with diverse regions and suburbs each with different attributes. Popular locations for adding new carports include:

Inner City Brisbane

Inner city and CBD areas like Milton, Auchenflower and Kangaroo Point offer quick access to Brisbane’s urban centre while maintaining yard spaces suitable for carports.

Northern Brisbane

Northern suburbs like Chermside, Stafford and Albany Creek have a strong family focus perfect for protecting multiple vehicles.

Southern Brisbane

Southern coastal and bayside suburbs such as Wynnum, Manly and Redland Bay allow homeowners views while keeping cars shielded.

Western Brisbane

Western growth corridors around Ipswich like Springfield Lakes, Bellbird Park and Redbank Plains have newer housing well suited to carport integration.

Custom Designed Carports


Adding a new carport gives huge practicality and looks upgrades to any Brisbane property. Following the advice in this complete carport guide makes sure your new investment reaches top function and life.

We covered all factors from costs and sizes to materials and finding a good builder. Putting in a quality carport adds value while shielding your valuable vehicles from the weather.