Types of Carports to Suit Your Needs

Carports Galore: Which Popular Type Is Right For You?

Types of Carports to Suit Your Needs

Living in Australia means dealing with strong sun, heavy rain, and other intense weather events that can damage your prized vehicle when it’s unprotected outside. We all can’t afford to build expensive garages just to shield our cars. So what’s the solution? Carports!

Carports provide covered shelter that protects your car from natural wear and tear due to sun, rain, hail and more. Unlike garages, carports have open sides for better airflow and light. Carports also take less time and money to construct than traditional garages. With many affordable styles to pick from, carports give you the covered space to keep vehicles safe without breaking the bank.

Below are the most popular carport types that Aussie homes and businesses use to protect their car investments while adding visual flair.

1. Attached Carports – Extra Storage Space

An attached carport connects directly to your home, serving as a seamless extension for both practicality and aesthetics. Gable and skillion roofs are most common for attached structures. A flat roof can also give a modern, minimalist look.

Entertain under your attached carport! With the structure already part of your home, it provides a perfect spot for family barbeques.

2. Free standing Carports – Flexible Protection

Also known as standalone carports, these detached structures give you flexibility in terms of positioning. Less planning restrictions compared to attached options. You can place a freestanding carport at the front, side or back of your home depending on space and preference.

Ensure a solid foundation as the structure relies solely on its own supports.

So what base do you need for a freestanding carport? Concrete is the best option for durability and stability especially in bad climate. Easy to level. Commercial steel screw piles work where concrete is tricky e.g sloped land. Adjustable. Timber can suffice in certain situations e.g. planned short term usage. Prone to movement.

3. Cantilever Carports – A Modern Choice

Cantilever designs provide completely sheltered space without cluttering up your yard. Supported by posts on one side only, the roof extends outwards in a “floating” look. Durable metal and polycarbonate materials withstand weathering. Very strong despite small footprint. Perfect for businesses or homes where yard space comes at a premium. Depth can be adjusted to your needs.

4. Gable Roof Carports – A Touch of Tradition

Featuring a classic triangular roofline, gable carports complement most homes beautifully. The sloped roof has great practical advantages too: Allows rain, leaves and other debris to easily run off compared to flat roofs. Matches many modern and heritage Australian home styles with pitched roofing. Increased property value by improving kerb appeal. Worth the extra investment long term. Choose your own look – timber, Colorbond steel, or metal with polycarbonate panelling.

5. Insulated Roof Carports – Optimal Protection From The Elements

Insulated roofing takes protection to the next level by reducing heat transfer through the roof with an extra layer, keeping hot sun from turning it into an oven during summer and can be installed onto any carport design for improved shelter all year round.

6. Flat Roof Carports – Minimalist Look

The most cost-effective, low-maintenance option, flat roof carports work with a variety of budgets and settings. Simplest, most affordable carport roof style due to uncomplicated construction. Also facilitates customisation by adjusting roof slope angle for optimised water runoff based on your property. Features clean, contemporary architectural lines great for urban homes or businesses.

7. Dome Carports – A Work of Art

Bring a striking, modern architectural element to your property with a dome carport. Shaped like an inverted bowl, domed roofs shed rainwater off the sides efficiently while maximising interior space. High strength-to-weight ratio allows them to span wider gaps without internal support posts cluttering up the area underneath. Less noisy flapping in wind versus flat panel roofs. Maintains structural integrity in harsh weather conditions.

8. Steel Carports – The Versatile Performer

Steel, specifically Australian COLORBOND® steel, makes for durable, hardwearing carports by withstanding exposure better than timber or other metals due to anti-corrosive alloy coating at the production stage. Light enough to be portable should you decide to move house and take your carport with you! Little maintenance required once properly installed on suitable foundations. Match or complement your home with custom design and COLORBOND carport colour popular choices.

9. Timber Carports – Timeless Appeal

For natural charm that never goes out of style, timber always fits the bill. Lightweight for quick, simple installation. Complements outdoorsy, eco-friendly home styles. Keeps looking good over decades even in harsh conditions if properly maintained with waterproofing finish. Since timber can be easily repaired, longevity often surpasses expectations. We only use timber from accredited sustainable plantations.

Carports Galore: Which Popular Type Is Right For You?

So there you have it, an overview of the most popular carport styles to shelter your vehicle or outdoor space against the elements.

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